Debunking Typical Myths About Concrete

Concrete is a material that is versatile and strong, which can be utilized to make anything, such as a walkway, patio, even a whole building, and so much more. Though it serves a major role in construction, there are a few common myths about concrete paving and concrete that are still assumed by a lot of people. Below are some of them and their truth: 

Concrete only has a gray color 

Though concrete does begin to appear as gray that is not always the case. In fact, mineral colors could be applied to the mixture of concrete while it; is still blended in and wet to provide a different color to concrete as soon as it hardens. 

Acid can be used to remove a concrete sealant 

This is not true at all. Acid is actually a chemical that has the power to extremely harm your concrete and it must never be utilized to strip any kinds of sealant. Rather, a sealant solvent or stripper must be applied. 

Cement and concrete are the same things, 

Yes, the terms concrete and cement are usually utilized interchangeably. However, cement is, in fact, a concrete ingredient utilized for concrete paving. Some ingredients are additives, paste, and water aggregates, such as crushed gravel and sand. 

Concrete is water-resistant 

Concrete is actually porous. Meaning, water, and other substances could penetrate the concrete, even if they are in vapor form or liquid form. The material’s duration of penetration is contingent to its density, hence, water might pass through in only some time and some take months. 

Concrete is more durable if it has a higher compressive strength 

Concrete comes in different types of compressive strengths. You might assume that the concrete having a higher strength is the most durable among all. But that’s not totally true. Though strength is a vital characteristic, your concrete’s durability is contingent on the elements that could break down the concrete. The greatest way of keeping your concrete strong is to minimize its permeability.  

You can pour concrete anytime you want 

Though concrete us a durable material, it will not completely dry except it is laid in the perfect conditions. Pouring concrete once the temperature is incredibly hot or below freezing could stop the mixture from properly hardening. To see greater results, it is recommended by the experts to do it during fall or springtime. 

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